How to select ppr pipes?

How to select ppr pipes?


Good quality ppr pipe shall conform to the standard Din8077/8088. The performance of the pseudo pp-r pipes and pipe fittings can’t not reach above standards. It should be pointed out that the service life of pseudo pp-r pipe is only 1-5 years, while the good quality pp-r pipe service life are more than 50 years.


How to select ppr pipes?

PPR pipe is widely used in industrial buildings and residents living, health drinking water and hot water heating. There are two kinds of pipes, hot water pipes and cold water pipes.

  1. Good PPR pipe material, soft pipe is not easy to deformation by extrusion, even deformation nor rupture, and greatly reduce joint usage.
  2. Anti corrosion. The chemical properties of pipe fittings can resist the chemical elements in the water erosion, at the same time, smooth inner surface can avoid formation waters
  3. High temperature resistance, resistance to high pressure tubing, PR fitting room temperature water under pressure for 45 kg/cm2, pipe deformation temperature is 112 degrees Celsius.
  4. Long life PPR pipe, pipe fittings anti aging is strong, work properly mission reached more than 50 years.
  5. Simple and rapid construction PPR pipe, pipe fittings of flexible makes construction is very quick, and easy to connect (socket connection) with hot-melt machine, safe and reliable.
  6. Economic material benefit Because of its simple construction, there is no contradiction between with other project and its influence, shorten the construction period, construction cost, 60% than the brass has a superior economy.

So be careful when u select ppr pipes and fittings, be sure to select the appropriate, large factory production, quality assured pipe material, and then in the installation, some attention points, might as well listen to expert advice.
Expert advice: to receive professional training of skilled workers to operate. At the same time, the process is also very important. Which should according to the principle of horizontal flat vertical, based on the ground the room slot is greater than the pipe diameter deep groove, and then laid the PPR pipe, hot melt connection and then one by one order. After all together the PPR interface USES the hot melt technology, to be more than 24 hours on testing, on-site environmental permitting, suppression of test time can be longer. When there is no water seepage to ensure that leakage phenomenon, and then to the landfill.