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what is ppr pipe, features,applications, advantages

1.What are PPR pipes
PPR pipe means Pipe made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer (Polypropylene Random Copolymer type 3). The raw material of PPR pipe is Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPR-C). The production of ppr pipe should comply with Din8077/8078 standards. The PPR pipes designed for the distribution of hot and cold water. Generally speaking, PPR pipe includes below application, features, and application.

T-Mech ppr pressure piping system
T-Mech ppr pipe and fittings

2. PPR pipes fields of applications
▪ Polypropylene system can be used for the below applications:
▪ Heating pipe for residential and commercial buildings, hospitals
▪ Chilled water networks in air conditioning systems
▪ Industry chemicals transportation
▪ Aggressive fluids transportation
▪ Agricultural and horticultural usage of pipe
▪ rainwater utilization systems networks
▪ swimming pool pipe networks
▪ HVAC and Compressed air installations.

3.PPR pipes Features
▪ PPR pipes plumbing systems have a unique multiple layer design.
▪ PPR pipes are designed as the most hygienic system for the transportation of portable water.
▪ PPR pipe have a long life time over 50 years even in the cold and high temperature and stress pressure sitiation.
▪ PPR pipe provides easy installation as compared to all other piping systems.
▪ PPR pipe is non-corrosive, non-calcifiable and has non-contracting diameter relative to the conventional systems.
▪ PPR Plumbing System has same joints.
▪ Low thermal conductivity of Vectus Systems offers energy efficiency.
▪ PPR Pipe are Flexible & tough for use in high seismic zones

4.PPR pipe Advantages
Polypropylene Random Copolymer as a new type of pipe material, it has many advantages.
▪ Environment-Friendly
▪ Hygienic and non-toxic
▪ Really long life time
▪ Resistance to stray electrica currents
▪ Easy Workability
▪ Low thermal conductivity

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